Make your own website for kids for fun or to make money

When you think " Make your own website for kids " are you
1. a kid interested that kids build own website for fun or profit? OR
2. a parent or grandparent wanting to create your own free website for kids to use?

Both are definitely possible, but it stands to reason that if a child can't write very well yet, you will have to take dictation.

Anybody can have a personal website following the instructions on this website, and that helps motivate a young child to read, write, and count.

Create your own website for teens

If you are a teenager you can make money like Nori does from the website that she started to build as a very young teenager. Click here to find out more. If you are a parent, note thatNori's father didn't allow her to receive emails. He read them all to protect her.

Incidentally, if you just want to do the creative stuff, and can't be bothered with the technicalstuff, use the same all-in package as Nori did. I don't know if she has even learned html coding yet, butshe is sure raking in the money!

You probably have learned html code at school if you are in your teens, so now you can join kids who design their own website. It can be either a personal website with all your photographs for the world to see, or it can be a profitable one.

What's the difference? You will have to learn to write articles for your web pages that your visitors will want to read. Click here to find a free eBook that will show you that writing can be fun - not a hardship. I used to hate it, so I know how bad it can be for kids who haven't learned the fun easy way.

Now I love to write, and I love to see each web page that I design, when it appears for all the world to see. Ifyou like to tag graffiti, why bother letting four or five people see your work before it is removed?Why not put your graffiti on your own website and let the world see it?

This website will show you step by step how kids design own web site. If you want to make money from your website, then you should return to the home page and click the planning button. If you are a studentworried about student loans, would you like to pay your way and graduate with a profitable internet business?

How to create your own website for kids if you are a parent

When I was a child, studying by correspondence course, my parents were allowed to take my dictation in exams, because the school knew that I couldn't write very fast, and they wanted to test my knowledge - not my writing speed.

My parents were worried about the difference in the amount I dictated and the amount I wrote - they were afraid that the school would suspect them of adding their knowledge. But I could chatter away for hours in answer to the questions.

Think how much it will encourage your children or grandchildren to see their own pages on the internet, and get all their friends to look at them. And they learn a lot without knowing it - creating articles for a start. Proper layout of a page to look attractive, simple arithmetic to make everything just as wide as you want it. Possibly even percentages (%width of columns) and how many points high the print is. A point is a printers measurement and is a 72th of an inch if I remember rightly.

You can learn all you need to know about how children design own web site in this website, just doing whatever your children can't handle on their own yet. But why stop with just a site for the kids?If you are a work at home mum or a retired grandparent who would like to work from home to supplement (or exceed) your pension you couldhave one site for yourself and one for the kids.

Do children really create own website if you are doing all the work? Well imagine you are the company director of a bricks-and-mortar business selling kid's clothing. You know all about the business but you don't know anything about websites.

So you tape-record your best sales people making their sales talks to customers. Then you hand the tapes to your best writer/editor who writes articles based on the sales talks. You sketch out what you would like your web pages to look like and ask your artists to create pictures to go with the articles.

Then you get an html expert to make your pages look like your sketches.

Did you really make your own website for kids? Of course you did. A company director only does the important creative stuff himself. He delegates the rest, and your child is delegating all the technical stuff to you, while he or she has fun doing all the creative stuff. If you are a teenager, don't expect to delegate the technical stuff to your parents!

Get your webmaster tools and resources while they are still free.

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